Playtesters Wanted for PATHOGEN!



Our partner Kolor Deep Studio is at the final stage of the development of their new game "Pathogen," a strict 2-player abstract strategy game where you and your opponent will play as humans and plaque and try to spread their influence over the game board to claim the victory.



Your goal is to lay down influence tokens on the board to either connect two opposite sides across the board OR stack your tokens to establish 4 "towers" in 4 areas on the board to win the game.

The unique movement rules using a small separate board is the key feature of the game. If you enjoy intriguing abstract games or love some unique spatial movement mechanics, Pathogen might be a good fit for your taste.

Art and implementation are not final!


Art and implementation are not final!


The designers are looking for gamers to help us playtest the game on Steam Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia. We will use Discord for live chat (and teach). If you're interested in trying this prototype, please book a suitable time slot on the designer's Calendly:

Click HERE to book a time slot

Your kind help will be greatly appreciated and we will provide some goodies (coupons, promos, etc) as a token of appreciation! Look forward to talking to you on the other side (and maybe in Essen SPIEL22!).



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