Taiwan Night Market is FUNDED on Kickstarter!

We did it! Taiwan Night Market is FUNDED on Kickstarter!


In Taiwan Night Market, you play as an ambitious vendor trying to make a fortune by bidding on the best locations for your stalls and attracting customers with your delicious food. Can you outwit your competitors and be crowned the king of the night market vendors?



You may read more about it on the Kickstarter page HERE, download the rulebook HERE, or watch Cardboard East's tutorial and review video below.




After reaching the funding goal, we are now aiming to unlock some stretch goals. The first one is a big expansion called Night Market Booster, which provides a whole new level of strategy and replay value to the base game.



If you want to help us push the funding progress, here are some simple actions you may take:

  • Share this campaign on social media or mention it to your gaming group.
  • Retweet our KS launch announcement on Twitter.
  • Become a fan of Taiwan Night Market on BoardGameGeek.
  • Talk to your FLGS to check out our retailer pledge.
  • Ask around to see if you can find some people to do a group order to offset the shipping cost.
  • Give this amazing Bubble Tea stall artwork a thumbs up on BoardGameGeek to push it to the front page.


Front: Designer Zong-Ger. Back (left to right): Wendy, Smoox, David, Poki.


With your help and support, we believe we can make Taiwan Night Market a game that is even more delicious!




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