Taiwan Night Market is available on Tabletopia now!




Huge thanks to the Tabletopia team for helping us implement the game on the platform in such a short time.
Now you can enjoy the bidding war and build your street food empire!
(Or simply zoom in on the cards and admire the beautiful artwork created by Nuomi. 😄)





Meanwhile, the Kickstarter campaign for Taiwan Night Market is counting down the final 9 days!

We just announced that the shipping costs will be reduced for all countries and we explained that in Update 12.

If you were on the fence about backing Taiwan Night Market because of the shipping cost, maybe it's about time. ;)


Here are the stretch goals that we have already unlocked (thank you, backers!) and those we hope we can unlock in the following days (please, new backers!).


You may play around with the Tabletopia module and check out the campaign page. If you love what we are doing, please do consider backing it on Kickstarter. Thank you!



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