TBD, aka Taiwan Boardgame Design, was founded in 2013. We started as a group of enthusiastic gamers and game designers who regularly playtested each others' prototypes every month. Until now, we have had 110+ monthly gatherings under the belt and brought significant growth in the boardgame design community in Taiwan.

Every spring we will host an annual playtest convention called "Playtest Taiwan" to welcome the general public to interact with designers and try out prototypes in one day. It's a great way to get more people involved and to appreciate what boardgame design is all about. Click here to know more about the Taipei Boardgame Playtest Facebook group.



Every year we will attend international conventions such as Essen SPIEL, Gen Con, UK Games Expo, Tokyo Game Market, etc, to bring Taiwanese games to gamers around the world. We are also eager to meet potential partners in different countries to build more relationships and license our games to different languages. If you are interested in carrying our titles, please don't hesitate to contact us!



TBD-Gaming.com is our new website with more functionality that will allow us to do more. For example, the site is Integrated with DHL service at a highly discounted delivery price. We aim to make Taiwanese games more accessible to gamers in the West to keep you stay acquainted with the Asian boardgames scenes. We will put up new products, compose blog articles, and upload videos to showcase new games from our partner publishers. Hope you enjoy this content and look forward to seeing more Taiwanese games on your gaming table!

Best wishes and happy gaming!


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