Speedy piggies build just a weeee bit higher!
Homosapiens Lab 3-5 players | 5 min | Age 6+

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Game Overview



Seeing that the Big Bad Wolf is unable to destroy the house that is made of bricks, the Little Pigs come to an important realization:

"What protects us is not the fangs we have, but the house we live in!"

Since then, millennia have gone by and now Pig has the latest and most cutting-edge technologies in architectural construction.

To show off their expertise in construction, they have made a crazy decision — to build the Tower of Babel that would reach the heavens!

However, the Pigs didn't realize that during ancient times, mankind was foolish enough to become blinded by their hubris and came up with the same idea, only to incur the wrath of God and receive divine punishment...



Each Piggy Architect will be building its tower in this game and the goal is to build the tallest tower.

Building on your tower is easy: simply stack the cards in the sequence of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and so on.

However, if your tower gets too tall, you will enrage God and become eliminated from the game!



End of the game and the winner

When all the draw decks run out, all players will cease playing cards immediately and the game will end.

However, if the player with the highest tower wins the game by having his/her tower 3 or more cards taller than the player in the 2nd place, the player with the highest tower would have built a tower that is too high and be the target of God's punishment and will be eliminated from the game. The same restriction will also apply to the players in the 2nd and 3rd place until a winner is determined.

As an outstanding Piggy Architect, apart from building your tower, you must also learn to "help" other players at the appropriate time so that you can achieve the goal of building the highest, yet not-too-tall tower!


Game Basics


Designer: ゆお Yuo

Artist: ことり寧子 Kotori Neiko

Publisher: Homosapiens Lab


Players: 3-5

Time: 5 Min

Age: 6+


BoardGameGeek (Link)



House cards x75

Rulesheets (EN/CH)





English (Link)






Review by Dale Yu at the Opinionated Gamers (Link)


Review by Selwyn Ward on BoardGameGeek (Link)


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