Dadaocheng 2nd Edition

A light strategy game where you flip and swap resource disks on the common mainboard to generate valuable resources for international trading for the win!
Soso Studio 1-4 players | 45 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview



Dadaocheng was one of the most important trade centers in Taiwan in the 18th century. In this game, players take on the roles of foreign traders who try to become the most prestigious trader of Dadaocheng.



During the game, through swapping and flipping resource discs in the central area, you may obtain resources and either trade them to the rest of the world or invest them to develop your own advantages within the city of Dadaocheng. After six rounds, the player with the most prestigious points wins!



The second edition of Dadaocheng inherits the core mechanism from its predecessor and evolves it into a game with deeper strategies. This new edition comes with newly added player boards and provides more challenges to players in building up their own tableau.

Photo Credit: @exploring_boardgames (Link)


Photo Credit: @exploring_boardgames (Link)



Game Basics


Designers: Eason Kao, Tsai Huei-Chiang

Artist: Whooli Chen

Publisher: Soso Studio


Players: 1-4

Time: 45 min

Age: 10+


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Game board x1

Resource discs x16

Historical event cards x14

Building cards x12

Resource cubes x50 (red/white/green/yellow x11 each, black x6)

Resource boards x4

Shipping boards x4

Player markers x36 (9 for each player)

Die x1


Box Dimensions

32*23*5.5 cm


Card Size

63*88 mm x26 pc





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French (Link)

Dutch (Link)

Chinese (Link)









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