Dungeon Duel

Recruit warriors, kill monsters, level up your characters to triumph over your rival in the fearsome dungeon!
GG Studio 2 players | 30 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview




Dungeon Duel is a two-player game where you recruit warriors, look for weapons, kill monsters, level up characters, learn spells, and lay traps to triumph over your rival in the fearsome dungeon!

At the beginning of the game, each player may choose one of the three characters. They have a variety of abilities, including enhancing your attack, increasing self-healing ability, gaining special actions, and having different ways to win the game. Taking good advantage of the combination of the characters is the most important challenge of the game.



You can win the game by meeting one of the following conditions:

  • Your soul level exceeds your opponent's by four or more.
  • You collect six different elements.
  • Your opponent’s HP is reduced to 0.


If neither player meets any of these victory conditions before the last card on the level III dungeon is resolved, the game enters the final scoring phase. The player who has the higher soul level wins!


Photo Credit: Cardboard East (Link)


Game Basics


Designer: Zong-ger

Artist: SHI, RU-YI

Publisher: Good Game Studio


Players: 2

Time: 20-40 Min

Age: 10+


BoardGameGeek (Link)





English (Link)

Japanese (Link)

Japanese card list (Link)









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