Flitting Bad Wolf

Try to stay away from the Big Bad Wolf by clever deduction and cunning bluffing!
Homosapiens Lab 2 Players | 15 Min | Age 8+

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Game Overview


Big Bad Wolf is so annoying! No one wants to be his neighbor! People start to move around in the town to stay away from him. Will you be lucky enough to live happily ever after — or end up being annoyed by the Big Bad Wolf for the rest of your life?


Photo credit: henk.rolleman on BGG


Flitting Bad Wolf is a microgame of deduction and bluffing. Players try to get the most valuable cards while avoiding a visit from the Big Bad Wolf! On a player's turn, they may choose to (1) offer a hand card to the opponent (who may refuse), or (2) play a card and execute the ability. Players alternate turns until no one has any cards in hand, and the round scoring takes place. The game is played for a number of rounds until one player has scored 11 or more points to become the winner.


Photo credit: henk.rolleman on BGG


Game Basics


Designer: Chih-Fan Chen

Artist: Chih-Fan Chen

Publisher: Homosapiens Lab


Players: 2

Time: 15 Min

Age: 8+


BoardGameGeek (Link)



8 Character cards

2 Summary cards

1 Rules sheet





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French (Link)

Dutch (Link)





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