Helppp Me

Rescue underworld creatures before limited resources run out!
Wonderful World Board Games 2-4 players | 20 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview


Helppp Me is a hand-management, draw-one-play-one, and tableau-building game for 2-4 players using actions and character abilities to get the most resources to rescue creatures in the underworld!

There are 4 races in the game: Vampire, Mummy, Zombie, and Werewolf. Each race has 6 different members, from babies, children, teens, and all the way to their king.



On your turn, there are two actions you can choose:

1. Play a race card in front of you to form a waiting-to-be-rescued zone.

2. Discard a race card to pace 2 First Aid Kit tokens on the card(s) in front of you to rescue the creatures. But be aware, the creature who was discarded will curse your whole team with its special ability! Will you be able to save the most creatures in this difficult circumstance?



The game ends when all the first aid kits tokens are taken. The player with the most points wins!


Game Basics


Designer: Lenny Liu/ Leon Liu

Artist: Luka Wang

Publisher: Wonderful World Board Game


Players: 2-4

Time: 10-20 min

Age: 10+


BoardGameGeek (Link)



First Aid Kit tokens X 40  

Character cards x 48

Reference cards x 6 (3 each in English and Chinese)

Rulebooks x 2 (English and Chinese)






English (Link)





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