Loco Momo

A family game where you move different animals around the game board and recruit them for a lovely group photo!
Wonderful World Board Games 2-4 players | 25 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview


Loco Momo is a family game where you can utilize different animals' unique movement patterns to explore the Loco Momo forest and find other animal friends to compose the best group photo. 

On your turn,
1. Pick one animal on the game board
2. Move it by its unique movement rules
3. Take all animals of the chosen type into your player board
4. Arrange their seats
5. Refill the game board and end your turn



After 6 rounds, you will have a bunch of cute animals in your frame for a sweet group photo. Whoever created the most memorable photo (most points) wins!



You can now play Loco Momo on Board Game Arena.

Click HERE to try out the game!


Game Basics


Designer: Lenny Liu, Leon Liu

Artist: Aisha Lee

Publisher: Wonderful World Board Game


Players: 2-4

Time: 20-30 min

Age: 8+

BoardGameGeek (Link)



Game Board x1
Player Boards x4
Achievement Cards x50
Assistant Cards x4
Animal Tiles x105 (35 each of Blue, Red, and Green)
Round tracker x1
Cloth Bag x1
Rulebooks x2 (English / Chinese)


Box Dimensions

23*23*6.5 cm


NOTE: This is the first edition published by Wonderful World Board Games in Taiwan in 2019, which is a bit different from the version you might have played on Board Game Arena which is published by BLAM 2022.





English (Link)




  • Overview by Anthony Perone


  • Promotional video by BLAM (Minor differences from our version)


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