Maatatahay [BEL]

A two-player abstract strategy game where you fight for your tribe and gain crystal powers to win the battle!
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Compound Eye Fox 2 players | 20-45 min | Age 9+

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Maatatahay is a two-player-only strategy game, playing up to 12 rounds on a 5x5 Suedette game map. You and your opponent play as the leaders of Balan and Wazu, sending your fearless warriors to the field to fight for the glory.



Surrounding your opponent's warriors to defeat them while allocating your valuable unit in a safe spot is key to victory.

You can also collect crystal powers to enhance your warrior's strength or visit the shrines to seize more strategy opportunities.

When the game end condition is met, the player with the most victory points from their surviving warriors, Spirit Crystals, and relics bonus wins!



  • Pick 1 from 3 & The Weak One’s Choice

Each turn, the active player chooses a pair of warriors from the tile stream. However, the player with lower strength (fangs around the neck) in that pair decides whether to join the battlefield first or later.


  • Arrow Support + The Sequence

Place your warriors in formation, and gain energy from the environment or your allies with a corresponding arrow to increase their strength. But remember, only the warrior who enters the battlefield earlier can grant energy to the latter ones, for they’ve immersed in the land and let the power of crystal go through their body.




  • Get “Surrounded” - Collective Attack vs. Sole Defense

A warrior is "surrounded" when there are no vacancies around it orthogonally. In this situation, the surrounded warrior has to face the collective strength of the opponents on its own.



  • Hot Stamping & Suedette Game Map



  • Various shrine setups and scoring, randomness from the deck, and more!


Curious about the gameplay? Maatatahay will be on Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator soon!


Game Basics


Designer: Kudos Chou, Waymau

Artist: Kula, Ping Tseng

Publisher: Compound Eye Fox Studio


Players: 2

Time: 20-45 Min

Age: 9+


BoardGameGeek (Link)



1 Suedette game map 
24 Warrior tiles (12 for each tribe) 
5 Shrine cones 
60 Crystals (45 Energy crystals (purple), 15 Sanity crystals (transparent)) 
1 Cloth bag 
1 Active player token 
1 Spirit track marker 
1 Rulebook (CH/EN)




English (Link)

Chinese (Link)










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