The Doctor and the Plague fight against each other to spread influence in the world.
Kolor Deep 2 players | 20-30 min | Age 12+

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Game Overview


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You can add an upgraded movement panel made of a ceramic coaster (€2) to your pre-order!
(10.8 x 10.8 x 0.7 cm)

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The plague is spreading in the world of humanity and in the underworld. Doctors from both worlds are trying hard to stop them at all costs. Will the plague devour the world, or will the tireless doctors save the world?

Pathogen is a two-player abstract game where you play against each other as the Doctor and the Plague on the map of white (world of humanity) and black (underworld) tiles. Each player will move their character pawn (Doctor or Plague) on the white tiles, and their follower (Demon or Dove) on the black tiles. During the movement, you can place your influence tokens on the map to gain control of the world. 

When one player has placed their tokens in a way that connects the opposing sides of the map or built four towers (stacks of 4 or 5 influence tokens) in the four quadrants, they win the game!


A Game Turn in A Glimpse

Place your token on an empty space on the Movement Panel and move the Movement Marker accordingly.


Copy the route of the Movement Marker (right) with one of your Character meeples on the map (left).


Place your influence tokens or remove your opponent’s tokens on the squares your Character passed through.


If the stack of your influence tokens reaches 6 layers, they are upgraded into your Settlement.


Connect two opposing sides of the map or build four Settlements in the four quadrants on the map to win the game!



Schedule a demo game with the designer!

You may play the game on Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator.

If you want, you can also make an appointment on Calendly with the designer to play a demo online!



The designer Kuan Chen will be at Essen SPIEL from Wednesday to Sunday. He is more than happy to teach you how to play Pathogen. He will be thrilled if you want him to sign your copy. :)

Kuan Chen holding a laser-engraved board showing his first self-published game "Attalock."


Game Basics


Designer: Kuan Chen

Artist: Gayo, Yucin Huang

Publisher: Kolor Deep Studio


Players: 2

Time: 20-30 Min

Age: 12+


BoardGameGeek (Coming soon)



3x3 Game boards x8

Movement panel x1

Character meeples x2

Follower meeples x2

Influence tokens x56 (2 colors)

Settlement makers x8 (2 colors)

Movement marker x1

Rulebook x1 (English, Chinese)





English (Coming soon...)




Review by Lorna Dune at the Opinionated Gamers

I am really happy to say that my first games of Pathogen have met and even exceeded my expectations (not an easy thing to do with this jaded ol’ gamer!).


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