Peach Brawl

Snatch delicious food on the table, but you must at least grab one peach, or you'll be eliminated!
Gameness 3-6 players | 20-30 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview



Queen Mother asked you to host a Peach Banquet! You're going to devour all the delicious food with the 12 friends at the feast! The VIP card represents your entourage! The Gourmet cards are your targets! Command your twelve celestial beings, using various magical powers, to engage in a grand battle!



The main process of the game involves players taking turns to play VIP cards, sitting at empty seats in front of the food, and triggering special powers. If there are still empty seats, the next player takes their turn. When all seats are taken, everyone starts to eat and takes the food in front of their VIPs. After 3 rounds (4 rounds for 5 or more players), the scores are calculated, and the player who has eaten peaches and earned the highest score wins.




Game Basics


Designer: Eddie Guo

Artist: Xiao Hu Zhang

Publisher: Gameness


Players: 3-6

Time: 20-30 Min

Age: 10+


BoardGameGeek (Link)




72 VIP cards

28 Food cards

6 Magic Weapon cards

1 Rulebook





English (English)

Japanese (Link)

Chinese (Link)





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