Run, Animals, Run!

Play as one of the endangered species and fight for the valuable resources to survive in the diminishing habitats.
Mizo Games 2-4 players | 40 min | Age 12+

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Game Overview


In Run Animals, Run! (生き残れ!動物たち!), subtitled "Zoo of Depression", players represent various animal species in Taiwan, fighting for survival in the forest while facing the threat of human destruction. Players try to complete their individual missions to score points, and the game ends when a player has reached 20 points (thereby winning the game) or when the graveyard is full, at which point players compare point totals to see who has won.





Game Basics


Designer: Chih-Fan Chen

Artist: Yan Shi Ji

Publisher: Mizo Games


Players: 2-4

Time: 30-40 Min

Age: 12+


BoardGameGeek (Link)



Map tiles x16
Survival Goal cards x20
Animal Action cards x36
Wooden Animal meeples x21
Resource cubes x58
Oversized Cement cubes x10
Resource dice x2 (a custom D6 & a D20)
Starting Player marker x1
Rulebook x1 (English, Japanese, Chinese)





English Rules (Link)






Review by Mark at Dice in the Dark

Photo credit: Dice in the Dark


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