Small Warehouse

A 20-card microgame that challenges you to arrange your goods together in the soon-to-be-messy warehouse!
2Plus Games 2 players | 15 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview



Small Warehouse is a 2-player card-placement micro game with only 20 cards.

Every card consists of 6 squares, and there'll be 3 to 5 merchandise in a combination of 2 or 3 kinds on it.

Players place one merchandise card per turn into their own warehouse until each player has 8 cards and then the game ends.

Each merchandise that has a block containing at least 4 squares will be scored:

The number of squares of the biggest block is multiplied by the number of individual blocks.

The player with the higher number of points wins!


Game Basics


Designer: Jog Kung

Artist: NA

Publisher: 2Plus Games


Players: 2

Time: 15-20 min

Age: 8+


BoardGameGeek (Link)



20 Merchadise cards

1 Rules sheet





English (Link)

French (Link)






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