Street Blooms of Monga

It is an area-control game where you send your minions to spread your influence over the 3 industries in 1980s Taipei.
Driftwood Creations 2-5 players | 15-30 min | Age 15+

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Game Overview




In the 1980s Monga, amidst its thriving chaos, you, a gang member in rapidly developing Taipei, maneuvered through its streets, seizing business opportunities and managing your team. Amidst these lucrative ventures, rival gangs and the police loomed as constant threats to your dominion.



The game is played over 5 rounds. The winner is determined by subtracting the highest criminal record points from the total economic benefits obtained by all your workers. Economic benefits for each area are calculated as follows:

Area (number of tiles) × Worker Value (2, 3, or 4) × Industry Value (1, 2 or 3)




Map Setup

Players take turns placing cards featuring Monga landmarks around Longshan Temple to form the starting map.



Territory Development, Driver Inspection, and Madame Placement

On your turn, choose a terrain card from the supply, play one card from your hand, and then move your driver 1~3 blocks (orthogonally adjacent squares of the same color are treated as a block). Madames are then placed to occupy unclaimed establishments or challenge other organizations in brawls for territory control.



3. Patrols and Inspections

The player who plays the “Wanhua Precinct” terrain card controls the police for patrols that turn — Roll the die to determine which illegal industry to inspect. The player controlling the largest single area in that industry receives criminal points as a penalty.



Players take turns to perform their actions and the game ends after 5 rounds. Whoever has controlled the most valuable territories in Monga wins!


Game Basics


Designer: Jim Wang


Publisher: Driftwood Creations


Players: 2-5

Time: 15-30 Min

Age: 15+


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Longshan Temple Starting Card × 1
Criminal Record Card × 1
Driver Meeples × 5
Wooden Tokens × 5
Prostitute Circular Tokens × 15
Police Standee × 1
Duty Die × 1
Initial Map Cards × 10
Development Map Cards × 47
Monga Blossom Gazette × 1
Rulesheet × 1
Reference Card × 5





English (Link)

Japanese (Link)

Chinese (Link)





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