T-Rex's Holiday

A Roll-and-Write game with a unique "roll-3-dice-and-hide-1" mechanic that brings interesting player interaction to the game!
Blue Magpie Games 2-8 players | 20 min | Age 8+

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Your playful (and oddly short-limbed) cat T-Rex and its friends know you're tired after coming home from work. So naturally, they run and hop around the house as much as they can just to make a sweet little mess for you! Because as long as you're home, each day is a holiday for T-Rex and its friends!



T-Rex's Holiday is a roll-and-write game with a unique "roll-3-dice-and-hide-1" mechanism that brings interesting player interaction to the game. All players may fill in the numbers of the two public dice freely on their game sheet, but the number of the hidden die has a strict limit as to where it can be filled in. Pay attention to the dice roller's sheet so that you may have a chance to take advantage of their hidden die!



Game Basics


Designer: Yu Wang

Publisher: Blue Magpie Games


Players: 2-8

Time: 15-20 Min

Age: 8+


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