Three Little Wolves

A fast-paced card game where you build your houses by playing cards of ascending numbers and sneak your little wolves into opponents' houses for big points!
Poki Design 2-4 players | 20 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview

Centuries after the legendary "Three Little Pigs," the Swine family has learned a precious lesson and become the greatest landlord in the world. The Wolf family, however, becomes the builders and works for the Big Bad Pig (BBP)!



In Three Little Wolves, you will build houses by playing cards of ascending numbers. The taller you build, the better chance you have to score points because the BBP will punish the lazy wolf and demolish the shortest house of each color. But don't just bury your head in the skyscraper competition. Instead, you should pay careful attention to your opponents' progress and sneak your three little wolves into their looking-promising houses for big points! 




Order the game from us, you will get two promo cards signed by the designers!


Game Basics


Designer: Poki Chen, Smoox Chen

Artist: Smoox Chen, Poki Chen

Publisher: Poki Design, Taiwan Boardgame Design


Players: 2-4

Time: 15-20 Min

Age: 8+


BoardGameGeek (Link)




Floor cards x56 (14 each in 4 player colors)

Big Bad Pig cards x3

Wolf tokens x12 (3 each in 4 player colors)

Big Bad Pig tokens x3

Tallest House tokens x3 

Mustache token x1

Rules sheets x2 (EN/CH)

Designer Promo cards x2


Box Dimensions

13.8*10.8*3.3 cm


Card Size

57*88 mm x61 pc (promo cards included)



195 g





English (Link)

Japanese by BGG user: hoteltokyo (Link)

Chinese (Link)



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