Touch It!

Use your fingers to touch the back of the card and figure out which object is hidden there!
Wonderful World Board Games 2-6 players | 10 min | Age 6+

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Simple RulesExciting BattleUnique Gameplay


Touch-It is a highly accessible and competitive party game that challenges your sense of touch.

In just a few seconds, players will be ready to compete and have fun!



This game is simple enough for every generation.

It can quickly build relationships and create different interactions in 10 seconds.

There is only one rule but with multiple variants to enjoy the game.



Each player grabs a card.

Count down 3,2,1 and start!



Use your fingers to touch the back of the card.

The bump-up lines and dots portray the shape of the object.

Try to figure out which object among the four is hidden on the back!



When you think you know the answer, shout out "Got it!" and place your card on the table.

When the second last player shouts out "Got it," the very last player has to stop, too.

Following the order of who "Got it" first, each player declares their answer.

The first player to guess correctly gets 2 points. (Even if they are not the first player to shout out "Got it!")

All the other players who are also correct get 1 point.

Players who didn't get it right get 0 points.

How to Win: The first player gets 7 points or more to win the game!




Variants: Here come the Speedrun It, Scan It, and Tag-Team It.

For more information, please check out the rulebook


Let's have a quick competition to challenge your sense of TOUCH!




Game Basics


Designer: Romain Caterdjian

Artist: Luka Wang

Publisher: Wonderful World Board Game


Players: 2-6

Time: 5-10 Min

Age: 6+


BoardGameGeek (Link)



Game cards x52

Rulesheet x1 (English, Chinese)





English (Link)

Chinese (Link)





No 10 Game from Asia 2022 (Click to view on Youtube)








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