Wok on Fire

Scoop & flip a pile of cards to reveal & collect the tastiest stir-fry ingredients!
Poki Design 2-4 players | 20 min | Age 7+

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Game Overview


Are you ready to cook a pot of delicious food? We all get to take a turn being chefs in Wok on Fire!

You can eat meat, fruits, and vegetables in bulk, or make small delicious dishes of rice and noodles. Whatever you do, pick the best combinations of food to get a high score!

The fork and spoon are not included in the game. :)


Wok on Fire is an innovative dexterity card game where you use a "spatula card" to fry and flip the ingredient cards on the table. Once the ingredients are visible, you may collect the food that you like to eat (or that score you higher points :)) to make the most delicious meal sets on the menu.



Game Basics


Designer: Poki Chen

Artist: Poki Chen

Publisher: Poki Design


Players: 2-4

Time: 20 min

Age: 7+


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