Games from Taiwan Flying to the US!


It's been a couple of really tough years due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Things are turning upside-down and inside-out all over the world for so many of us.

A handful of projects in the pipelines were canceled or postponed, waiting for a better time to kick off. And this website is what we think is ready to be launched now.

This new TBD-Gaming website is dedicated to the US market. Currently, our games will be shipped to you vis DHL delivery at a discounted price (thanks to our e-commerce partner's new service!) Our ultimate goal is to have our games stored in Amazon's fulfillment centers and delivered to you via the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service (our partner is working on the deal now). With this new site and new fulfillment route, we hope that more Taiwanese games will be played on your gaming tables and enlighten your game nights.




Stay safe, and happy gaming!

Smoox Chen, Taiwan Boardgame Design (TBD)

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