Kung Fu (FR Warehouse)

Draft Kung Fu cards to build up your character, and then roll dice and accommodate them to activate your killer move for the win!
GG Studio 2-5 players | 25 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview


This game can be delivered from France.

Tai-Chi, Wu-Dang, Wing-Chun, Shao-Lin, and all those spectacular Kung Fu factions gather together today. Will you be the last one standing, and claim the title of Kung Fu Master?

Kung Fu is a dice-driven card game for 2-5 players to compete for the title of Kung Fu Master. After drafting 10 Kung Fu cards and adjusting the initial status, each player will play 3 cards from their hand simultaneously for each round. Based on the overall initiative values, players will take turns to be the attacker while all the others must defend themselves.



During the fight, each player rolls their own 7 dice and assigns them in sets to activate their 3 Kung Fu cards to attack or defend. The game ends when there is only one player standing, or after 3 rounds, the player with the most HP remaining wins the game!



Game Basics


Designer: Zong-Ger

Artist: Zong-Ger

Publisher: Good Game Studio


Players: 2-5

Time: 20-30 Min

Age: 10+


BoradGameGeek (Link)



Player boards x5

HP board x1

Kung Fu cards x74

Dice x35 (7 for each color)

Tokens x30 (6 for each color)





English (Link)

French (Link)

Japanese (Link)

English Card Sheet (Link)

Kung Fu Style Introduction (Link)








Review by Dale Yu on Opinionated Gamers

The game plays quickly, and it feels like it might take longer to explain the game and the cards than it does to play! If I were going to make this a super quick filler, I might even be OK with simply dealing out a bunch of cards and jumping right into the fighting. But, as written, it’s a fun battle royale, and one that might cause me to make weird Bruce Lee squealing noises in the middle of the game room.
Photo credit: Dale Yu


Review by EXTRA AVOCADO! Sonderegger on BGG

All I can say is, sometimes you want something that's overly developed and subtle, something that's a gentlemanly match of wits. Other times, perhaps fueled by dutch courage, you just want to grab some cards, roll some dice, and straight-up body some fools with monkey picks master's wine. And this game lets you do that. It lets you do that by the fistful.


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