Majolica Painting

A Flip-n-Paint game where you can create your own stunning masterpiece of Majolica tiles!
Blue Magpie Games 1-8 player | 25 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview



Majolica Painting is a "flip-&-paint" game where players will use crayons of four different colors to fill in blank tiles to create their own Majolica masterpiece!



Each player takes one type of game sheet (8 types in the game) for their own creation of a Majolica painting. Each round, one card is revealed from the deck, and each player may choose to paint the four indicated colors on their sheet or pass.



What's unique in this game is that you may paint twice in each tile, which means you have a second chance for each tile to choose the proper color that can help you connect the longest chain to score big points! Also, if your drawn pattern matches the goal shown on the revealed card, you can immediately gain the bonus and mark them on the scoring section of your sheet.


Photo Credit: Show Me How to Win


Try your best to connect the same colors together. The more tiles of the same color you can connect, the more points you will receive!


Game Basics


Designer: Yu Wang

Publisher: Blue Magpie Games


Players: 1-8

Time: 25 Min

Age: 8+


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