My Dungeon Boss: Never Lie

In this dungeon office, can you find support to complete your assignment, or get backstabbed by your sneaky co-workers? Let's find out!
2Plus Games 3-5 players | 20-30 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview



In this uproarious "office-themed" dungeon crawler, you'll take on the challenging task of completing your bullying boss's assignments with the help (or hindrance!) from your fellow players!



Each round, a Monster card (representing a project) is unveiled for all players to see. The value on the Monster card signifies the combined effort required from all players to finish the project successfully.

Players take turns discreetly playing a "Battle card" face-down and declaring which card they've played (Stationery 1/2, Computer 1/2, or Absence Form). The catch is that other players can call out bluffs, verifying whether you've played the card you claim to have. Those who guess incorrectly or who are caught bluffing receive a "Cracked Credit" and must reveal their card without the opportunity to deceive.



The round continues until someone believes that the overall contribution equals or exceeds the value on the Monster card, and they call to "close the case." All other players must then decide whether to "second that decision" or opt for "not quite yet." Once the choices are made, reveal all the Battle cards on the table to determine if the case is successfully closed.

A successful closure means the player who initiated it receives the Monster card along with all the credit (VP) it holds. Players who "second that decision" also earn some valuable bonuses. However, if the attempt fails, the player who called for the closure faces penalty points!



Can you navigate the "toxic environment" of this office dungeon, or even thrive amidst the web of lies and backstabbing (because you're skilled at it)? It's time to find out!


Player's Battle cards, Opinion cards and Cracked Credit cards.


Some of the Monster cards in the game.


Game Basics


Designer: C. C. Hung

Artist: Coffeeink, Siao Jhih-Hong

Publisher: 2Plus Games


Players: 3-5

Time: 20-30 Min

Age: 8+


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French (Link)

Dutch (Link)






Overview of Dungeon Boss by the game designer


Overview of Dungeon Boss by the publisher


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