Salad Master

How much do you know about the vegetables you have eaten every day? We doubt you do!
Homosapiens Lab 1-5 players | 15 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview


You are what you eat. But…do you know what exactly you have been eating?

Chili peppers and strawberry, which has more calories?

Which food has almost 20 times more dietary fiber than pineapples?

In this game, you have to play the Food card that best meets the objective of each round to score points. But you are guaranteed to be surprised when the answer is revealed!

The more you play, the better you know what you actually eat!



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Game Basics


Designer: Yu Miyazaki

Artist: TANSAN

Publisher: Homosapiens Lab


Players: 1-5

Time: 15 min

Age: 8+



Food cards x60

Question cards x12

Nutrient Facts cards x2

Wooden cardholders x5





Coming soon...





Review by Dale Yu at Opinionated Gamers

Salad Master is a quick ten to fifteen minute game, and I must say that I’ve managed to even learn a few new types of vegetables that I might try on my next trip to the local Japanese restaurant. (Full review)


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