Kingdom of Middag

Lead your tribe to glory by hunting, trading, tooling, and worshiping, all in this elegant worker placement Euro-style boardgame.
2Plus Games 2-4 players | 45-60 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview


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In the 17th century, a cross-tribal alliance was formed in the midwest area of Taiwan called The Kingdom of Middag.

The King maintained the peace across the kingdom and built up close partnerships among all tribes by sharing the hunting fields, frequent trades for the needs, and respecting the spiritual ancestors.

In Kingdom of Middag, players are the leader of their own tribe who tries to lead their people to a fruitful harvest and glory. By sending tribe members to the Hunting Field, Tool Hut, Trade Hut, or Worship Hut, players will gain different prey, improve their hunting skills, or trade preys for victory points. The dynamic changes in the hunting field challenge players to optimize their action timing to gain the most useful resources and turn them into VP efficiently.



The player who earns the most VP will become the new king and transcend the greatness of The Kingdom of Middag.



Game Basics


Designer: Jog Kung

Artist: Lauren Hsiu

Publisher: 2Plus Games


Players: 2-4

Time: 45-60 Min

Age: 10+


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