Brainwave Painters

Describe what you are drawing in geometric shapes for all the other players to guess the answer!
Maddish Island 3-8 players | 25 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview

Warning! Warning!

We received an emergency alarm that mysterious events called "BW16" keep appearing on the earth. Many mineral columns with a lot of energy burst forth all around the world.

As a Wave Interceptor, you must capture the signals to find where the rare energy mine is.



In the game, you're going to transmit brainwaves by "leading the drawing", which means you need to describe your drawing step by step to everyone for them to comprehend!



On your turn, you draw clues with geometric shapes and describe your drawing process to other players so that they can recapitulate your drawing on their player boards. During this process, they can try to guess what your drawing is to score points (crystals), but sometimes they might lose points if their interpretation of your "brainwave" goes wild.

After two rounds, the player with the most crystals wins!



Note: This is the Chinese version. You can download the English rules and question cards to be able to play the game. You can also use any generic question cards from other board games (such as Codenames, Pictionary, etc) to play with the game.


Game Basics


Designer: Ginger Ginger, TaroTaro

Artist: Taro Taro

Publisher: Maddish Island


Players: 3-8

Time: 15-40 Min

Age: 8+


BoardGameGeek (Link)





English (Link)

Japanese (Link)

Chinese (Link)


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