Formosa Flowers

A breezy card game inspired by the traditional Japanese card game "Hanafuda" where you collect different scoring sets and cash out at the right time to secure your scores!
Soso Studio 2-4 players | 20 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview


Play Formosa Flowers on Tabletopia!

Seasons change, and flowers blossom. Nature, sun, and wind enjoyed by visitors in the mountain are all beautiful memories of their journeys.

Formosa Flowers is adapted from (and inspired by) the traditional Japanese card game Hanafuda. Through playing flower cards of the same months, players collect the required icons for scoring sets. The timing of scoring is very important because cashing out with solid points at the right time before all the others leave the round is the key to victory.



The 2nd Edition comes with more streamlined rules and the Yaku (役種) rules to provide greater tension in the game.



Game Basics


Designer: Lin Chen Yu

Artist: Kuo Li Chi

Publisher: Soso Studio


Players: 2-4

Time: 15-25 min

Age: 8+


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