Falling Coin

Don't let the coin fall!
Homosapiens Lab 1-4 player | 5 min | Age 6+

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Game Overview



Falling Coin is an engaging and challenging microgame with only 13 cards. Players need to provide one coin to play this game, and the goal is to NOT let the coin fall off the cards.

Randomly choose a starting player, who places the coin on the center of the starting card and holds the card with two fingers (thumb and index). Going clockwise, the next player draws a card from the deck and uses the card to "take over" the card stack from the previous player. (In essence, you use this new card to carry the existing bunch of cards as well as the coin!)



Sounds easy? The challenging part is that you must use the matching color of your card to touch the card stack, and the parachute icon in the center of your card must still be visible! Play continues until someone cannot keep the cards balanced, thereby dropping the coin off the cards. That player loses the game of Falling Coin.

The game can be played in a number of rounds, and the player who loses the fewest times is declared the winner!


You can also play solo by alternating your hands to pass the stack of cards. See how many cards you can pile together in this challenge!


Game Basics


Designer: Anton Liu

Artist: Chih-Fan Chen

Publisher: Homosapiens Lab


Players: 1-4

Time: 5 Min

Age: 6+


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