Boardgame Collectors 2023

This is a re-theme version of Vegetable Stock, which was released in limited quantity for the Taiwan Original Boardgame Expo in Taiwan.
Taiwan Boardgame Design 2-6 players | 15 min | Age 8+

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Game Overview



Boardgame Colletors is a re-theme version of Vegetable Stock, released in limited quantity for the Taiwan Original Boardgame Expo (TOBE) in Taiwan. All the games on the cards are from the new games of the exhibitors.




In Vegetable Stock, each round you will draft cards from the center of the table until there is only one card left, which will increase the market price of the non-chosen vegetables. The value of the vegetables in your hand will increase gradually, but beware, the market crash might be just right around the corner!

In Boardgame Collectors, the unchosen card will "decrease" the popularity of the types of games! When the popularity hits 0, the Popularity card will be flipped to the other side where the game type suddenly becomes super hot (value = 7)!



Sometimes, a review article or video will set the game on fire among all gamers. How lovely. :)

You play 6 rounds and the player whose game collection has the highest popularity in total wins!


Each copy will come with one TOBE 2023 metal coin as a gift!



Note: Boardgame Collectors comes with only Chinese rules inside the box. We will provide English rules online (here and BGG) shortly. But don't worry, if you know how to play Vegetable Stock, you'll figure out how to play Boardgame Collectors in a blink. ;)



Zong-Ger, a programmer and prolific boardgame designer in Taiwan.


Game Basics


Designer: Zong-Ger

Artist: Poki Chen

Publisher: Taiwan Boardgame Design


Players: 2-6

Time: 15 Min

Age: 8+


BoardGameGeek (Coming soon)



Game type cards x5

Popularity cards x5 (double-sided)

Boardgame cards x47

Rule cards x3 (Chinese)

Promo cards x1 (TOBE 2023)

*Card size: 57x87 mm


Vegetable Stock won BEST FAMILY GAME at the Asian Boardgame Festival Thailand.





English (Coming soon)

Chinese (Shown in images below)





Best Filler Game from Asia 2022 (Click HERE to view on Youtube)



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