MeowMeow Mia

A social deduction game where you try to send out secret gesture codes to buster the Meowfia!
Homosapiens Lab 5-10 players | 30 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview


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MeowMeow Mia is a social deduction game where players from two opposing factions are trying to outwit their opponents in the battle of smuggling.

The notorious Meowfia is trying to smuggle contraband to different locations in the city for a good load of fortune. However, law enforcement has secretly planted its undercover agent in the ranks of the Meowfia with the mission of informing his/her comrades through means of passing secret codes so that law enforcement can stop the Meowfia’s smuggling attempts. As for the Meowfia, their job is to identify the undercover agent or successfully complete three smuggling attempts to win the game!



MeowMeow Mia is nothing like the ordinary social deduction games because in this game you are communicating with some secret gesture codes! Keep your eyes open and pay attention to every little bit of movement from other players. They might be leaking your smuggling plans under your nose!



Game Basics


Designer: Andrew Nien

Artist: 69

Publisher: Homosapiens Lab


Players: 5-10

Time: 30-45 Min

Age: 10+


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