Egyptian Treasure Hunt

In Egyptian Treasure Hunt, you just need to give your opponent an offer that they can't refuse!
Johnson's Boardgame Studio 2-7 players | 20 min | Age 10+

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Game Overview


You and your friends are adventurers, planning to go treasure hunting in Egypt. Everyone has some treasure maps, but you can't go alone. So you guys decide to help each other, even though the helper will decide who claims the treasure. You look forward to collecting the highest value treasure.



Treasure hunting begins now! Each player gets 5 cards. The active player plays 1 card face-down from their hand and gives it to another player. The chosen player chooses to either "Receive" or "Reject". The card will be resolved. The next player will become the new active player.

The end of the round is triggered when at least 1 of these conditions occurs:
1. There is only 1 player left (not having a card in hand doesn't matter).
2. Win by the effect of the card.
3. Any player who has a total value of 7 on the cards wins.
4. When everyone has no cards in hand, the player with the highest total value on their cards wins. If there is a tie, all the tied players win.


Game Basics


Designer: Johnson Chen

Publisher: Johnson's Boardgame Studio


Players: 2-7

Time: 10-30 Min

Age: 10+


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Chinese (Link)


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