Taro vs Sweet Potato

Lead the Taro or Sweet Potato army to line up on the battle field to score points and win the war!
Maddish Island 2 players | 20 min | Age 7+

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Game Overview



Once upon a time, there were two ancient civilizations: Taro and Sweet Potato.

They launch a war for many decades to win the name of "Amazing Crop."

They think only ONE civilization can survive in the world.

When the western Taro and eastern Sweet Potato fight with each other, who could win the war?

Maybe they were just fighting in your backyard right now secretly...



Taro vs Sweet Potato is a 2-player strategy game where you and your opponent take turns to place one of your "army tiles" on the battlefield. To win the game, you must line up 3 or more units in a straight or diagonal line to score points.

Some of the special character tiles allow you to score points in alternative placements, some others even let you kick away your opponent's tile!

Be mindful of your opponent's cunning tactics. There might be traps behind their seemingly mindless moves!





Game Basics


Designer: TaroTaro

Artist: TaroTaro

Publisher: Maddish Island


Players: 2

Time: 10-20 Min

Age: 7+


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English (Link)

Japanese (Link)

Chinese (Link)








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