Dear gamers in Japan,

We are pleased to announce that these four games can be delivered to you directly from Osaka! (All these games have Japanese rules.)

The basic shipping cost is $7 USD (with $3 compensation). If your order is above 1.5 kg, the maximum shipping cost will be $10 USD.

If you have friends who also want to order these games, you can place a group order to save on the shipping cost. :)


To celebrate, we are offering 10% OFF on these four games if you order any of these games and use "Osaka Warehouse Shipping to Japan" for delivery. Enter the coupon code "TBDGOTTA" during checkout to get 10% OFF!




Vegetable Stock ベジタブルストック (日本語ルール) 購入!








Pathogen 疫途 (日本語ルール購入!



Dice Fishing ダイ公望 & ダブル爆釣パック (日本語ルール購入!



Three Little Wolves 三匹の小さな狼 (日本語ルール購入!




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2-5 players | 15-20 min | Age 8+
Roll the dice to catch some fish. Easy? But the player who wagers with the fewest dice will go first⋯
2-6 players | 15 min | Age 8+
Grow the vegetables, manipulate the market, and make a fortune in the Vegetable Stock! But beware, t⋯
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