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This will be the fourth time that TBD exhibits in UKGE. It’s always a breeze to have a booth there greeting all the friendly and enthusiastic gamers and families. This time we will bring you some old favorites and some new & hot titles, along with one Kickstarter demo which is available for Late Pledge during the expo.



We have to ship these games from Taiwan to the UK and air mail isn’t cheap :(
We can’t risk bringing too much stock to the expo.
Therefore, the quantity is limited. Preorder now to secure your copies!

We will be at the same location as last year - Stand 2-437.
Look forward to meeting you again at the breezy 3-day of gaming paradise!



Btw, you can also order any games on our website and have them shipped to you directly from Taiwan. Shipping costs for small games like Vegetable aren't too bad (just $6.5 USD to the UK). If you buy multiple copies, the shipping fees will be even more cost-effective. :)




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2-6 players | 15 min | Age 8+
Grow the vegetables, manipulate the market, and make a fortune in the Vegetable Stock! But beware, t⋯
2 players | 30 min | Age 12+
The Doctor and the Plague fight against each other to spread influence in the world.
2-4 players | 60 min | Age 12+
Expand the city by laying down building tiles such as power plants, public facilities, and pollution⋯
1-4 players | 45 min | Age 10+
A light strategy game where you flip and swap resource disks on the common mainboard to generate val⋯
2-6 players | 10 min | Age 6+
Use your fingers to touch the back of the card and figure out which object is hidden there!
2-4 players | 20 min | Age 8+
A fast-paced card game where you build your houses by playing cards of ascending numbers and sneak y⋯
2-5 players | 20 min | Age 8+
Roll the dice to catch some fish. Easy? But the player who wagers with the fewest dice will go first⋯
2-6 players | 20 min | Age 5+
A speed game like no other because you will put on the cutest game component in the world — the clot⋯
2-4 players | 20 min | Age 8+
A breezy card game inspired by the traditional Japanese card game "Hanafuda" where you collect diffe⋯
2-5 players | 25 min | Age 8+
A light-hearted tile-laying game where you build a park with your fellow players and snap the right ⋯
2-4 players | 50 min | Age 10+
Lead your tribe to glory by hunting, trading, tooling, and worshiping, all in this elegant worker pl⋯
2-8 players | 20 min | Age 8+
A Roll-and-Write game with a unique "roll-3-dice-and-hide-1" mechanic that brings interesting player⋯
1-8 player | 25 min | Age 8+
A Flip-n-Paint game where you can create your own stunning masterpiece of Majolica tiles!
2-4 players | 20 min | Age 6+
Pull out Mandora from your opponent's hand to collect resources and complete missions. But don't be ⋯
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