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 Essen SPIEL Pick-up 

If you (or your lucky friends) are going to attend Essen SPIEL during October 6-9, you may pick up your PRE-ORDER at our booth 4-G112, 113 to save on the shipping cost!

Choose "Essen SPIEL pick-up" and the shipping fee is $0!


1. Only the items that appear on this SPIEL 22 Games webpage can be picked up at SPIEL. Please don't mix with other games NOT available at SPIEL.

2. Show the booth staff your PRE-ORDER proof on your phone or printed papers to claim your games.

3. Please pick up your games BEFORE 12:00 NOON ON SUNDAY OCTOBER 9. After the deadline, we will release the games for sale. And we will ask you to pay for the shipping cost to get the games delivered to you from Taiwan afterward.


 International Shipping 

We can ship the games worldwide!

1. Shipping costs will be displayed on the checkout page. If you can't find a shipping method that includes your country, please contact us at

2. You can put any games on our site in your cart and have them shipped to your doorstep altogether.



Please remember, PRE-ORDER gives you the best price for our Essen releases, and it saves us so much time and keeps us safe from dealing with banknotes and changes that all of us want to avoid in the post-pandemic era. 😷🧤

We also appreciate your PRE-ORDER because it helps us properly estimate how much inventory we should air freight to Essen (which is VERY EXPENSIVE nowadays!). THANK YOU!


We miss your gamer smiles!



A Total Of 12 Items

2-4 players | 50 min | Age 10+
Lead your tribe to glory by hunting, trading, tooling, and worshiping, all in this elegant worker pl⋯
2 players | 30 min | Age 12+
The Doctor and the Plague fight against each other to spread influence in the world.
2-4 players | 40 min | Age 12+
Play as one of the endangered species and fight for the valuable resources to survive in the diminis⋯
2-6 players | 10 min | Age 6+
Use your fingers to touch the back of the card and figure out which object is hidden there!
2-6 players | 15 min | Age 8+
Grow the vegetables, manipulate the market, and make a fortune in the Vegetable Stock! But beware, t⋯
4-8 players | 25 min | Age 8+
Fight for glory, but betray at the right time for victory!
2-5 players | 20 min | Age 8+
Roll the dice to catch some fish. Easy? But the player who wagers with the fewest dice will go first⋯
2-4 players | 20 min | Age 8+
A breezy card game inspired by the traditional Japanese card game "Hanafuda" where you collect diffe⋯
2-4 players | 60 min | Age 12+
Expand the city by laying down building tiles such as power plants, public facilities, and pollution⋯
1-5 players | 15 min | Age 8+
How much do you know about the vegetables you have eaten every day? We doubt you do!
$22.00 $24.00
1-5 players | 15 min | Age 8+
How much do you know about the meat you have eaten every day? We doubt you do!
$22.00 $24.00
2-4 players | 20 min | Age 8+
A fast-paced card game where you build your houses by playing cards of ascending numbers and sneak y⋯
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